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We specialise in transforming organisational cultures to enhance the wellbeing and performance at individual and team levels.


*recent XLrate trial data

** performance 3hrs after XLrate score

transforming cultures & empowering


A healthy corporate culture is critical to the success of any organisation. That’s why we focus on enhancing personal growth and wellbeing, ultimately leading to a more productive and successful team.

Every organisation has the potential to be great. We work with executives and employees to transform their corporate culture, creating an environment that fosters personal growth, wellbeing, and adaptive performance. Using the latest neuropsychology research, we help organisations thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

A continuous improvement tool for Individuals, Teams & Organisations.


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A unique assistive platform that tracks & enhances personal growth, autonomy, fulfillment and performance.

Why the XLrate platfrom is welcomed & embraced by team members

The XLrate platfrom empowers individuals to reach their full potential by providing effortless and accurate insights into the hidden factors that influence their psychological state, adaptive performance, and overall wellbeing. By continuously measuring and coaching on actionable steps, our tool ensures individuals are always on the path to self-improvement. Through personalized dashboards, individuals can easily track their progress over time and stay motivated to achieve their goals.

Why understanding psychologicial states are important for individual growth and wellbeing…

Why XLrate uniquely empowers leaders to transform their team culture

At a management level, XLrate empowers leaders to tranform their organisational culture to create happier, healthier and super productive individuals & teams. It provides organization and team leaders with real time metrics about the current culture style within their team or organisation via anonymous wellbeing and progress metrics. It immediately empowers leaders with powerful ‘action challenges’ to help them grow their leadership skills, increase team wellbeing, enhance the culture and drive adaptive performance.

How measuring & managing hidden factors in teams empower leaders to improve culture, wellbeing & performance

Why developing and maintaining a great culture matters to your organisation

The impact of Adaptive performance cultures On Companies over an 11 year study

+ 13 %
* Increase in Revenue compared to companies with non adaptive performance Cultures
+ 5 %
*Increase in Share value compared to companies with non adaptive performance Cultures

Our approach is grounded in scientifically validated research, including Self-Determination Theory and Flow State Neuropsychology. We provide tools and support to leading global organisations to analyse and provide immediately actionable steps to measure and transform cultures: steps that deliver lasting change.

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About Us

Howard Benjafield, an academic researcher and expert in the Neuro-Psychology of optimal human performance, leads the 10x Systems team. 

We work with world-leading organisations (such as Harvard Medical School and the British Army) to enhance human wellbeing and performance.

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